Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Leica M8 and M9 Thumb Grip

Made for the amateur or working professional the M8 M9 the 'Thumbie' has been designed to offer a secure grip while maintaining all the features of the camera and keeping them easily accessible. It is made from solid brass yet weighs only 13gms and shares the same tactile and visual qualities as the camera body, smooth, precise, and simple.
Instructions for Fitting

The grip is attached to the camera with a strong double sided tape made for the automotive industry and used for fitting badges and trim to paintwork. As such it should not damage sound paintwork if fitted or removed correctly.  Mix a small amount of soapy water (washing up liquid or shampoo is ideal). Peel off the backing tape from the grip, being careful not to touch the sticky surface with your fingers. Rub a smear of the soapy water onto the back of the camera top plate where the grip will be positioned, halfway between the 'Made in Germany' and top edge is ideal. Licking the tape works just as well! Slide the grip on and the soapy water will allow you to position it accurately so it is square and flush to the surface. Then press firmly to squeeze out the water, blotting if necessary with some tissue. Wait for half an hour for any residual water to dry, occasionally pressing the grip to ensure the tape is in full contact with the body. It should then be ready to use!

Instructions for Removal
To remove the grip do NOT use lever's, knives, or solvents! It is very simple. Grasp the grip firmly and twist, do not pull. You will need to use much more force than the grip would encounter in normal use, but after two or three firm twists the foam core of the tape will tear, allowing you to pull the grip away. It won't look pretty, but the remaining tape is easily rolled up by rubbing your thumb across it. Finally polish any residual glue off with a dry cloth and the camera surface should be as good as it was before.
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  1. The Thumbie is the best grip I've had. My Thumbs Up is for sale.

  2. very good idea indeed and frees the hot shoe,viva independent hotshoe!
    I will reblog this..

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    My german thumbie experience

  4. Hi Steve, I would like to get a Silver Thumbie for my M9P in chrome. Please contact me at yuying.ng@gmail.com and let me know how I purchase one from me.
    Much appreciated!
    Yu-Ying Ng